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Monarch | Rolls Choice 1 Gram Cartridge

THE MONARCH - Pure Cannabis Extract with 100% Solventless Cannabis Derived Terpenes


LEGION is committed to the environment, with a portion of Monarch Cartridge sales going to habitat restoration to help save the iconic Monarch Butterfly


Roll's Choice- Sativa

(OG Kush X Chemdawg) 84.7 THC



A powerhouse from two world-renowned genetics. A pleasant combination of diesel and pine flavors, this sativa can put you into a mentally stimulating headspace at lighter doses and full-on chill mode with heavier consumption. Roll's Choice is ideal for sipping on all day to keep the vibes just right.

Notes of diesel fuel and pine with skunky earthy undertones





- AUTHENTICITY: We are founded by farmers with 60+ years of cultivation experience.

- TERPENES: We list the top terpenes and their percentages on the back of every package to better cater to your individual needs. 

- HEAVY METALS: We never have heavy metals in our products.

- ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: LEGION donates a portion of every Monarch cartridge sale to the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts, helping protect and restore monarch butterfly habitats. 

- PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING: To help save our planet!

- RECOGNIZED BY EXPERT JUDGES: Winning 1st and 3rd place in the best distillate cartridge at Emerald Cup in 2019.

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