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60 CBD Tablets 300mg

CBD Chewable Tablets 5mg each 60 Cherry Chewable Tablet.

Each tablet is packed with 5mg of CBD hemp oil. Infused with a tasty Cherry Flavor, CBD chewables give users a quick and easy way to ingest natural CBD oil without the natural hemp flavor that usually comes with CBD hemp oil infused products. If you want to experience the power of cannabidiol in an easy to manage daily chewable tablet, then chewables are the perfect product for you. Each Cherry Tablet contains the natural cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals that are unfortunately missing from most of our diets, and it all comes in one easy to use daily tablet. Our tablets are designed to help promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and to support a sense of overall wellness. All our CBD products are 3rd party lab tested for purity.

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