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60 CBD Gummies 600mg

60 CBD Gummies Assorted Falvors 10mg each.

CBD gummies are made with ingredients derived from organic CBD oil and are perfect for on-the-go, convenient dosing. Make your life a little more sweet by adding gummies to your diet!

The new formula, a bold flavor, and all the cannabinoids you expect.

Full-spectrum CBD, unlike CBD Isolate, contains many of the other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, not just CBD. With the variety of CBD concentrations and other compounds that hemp has to offer, Full Spectrum products can cover more ground, providing users with a variety of natural cannabinoids derived from organically-grown hemp. Be aware that our Full Spectrum Assorted Flavor Gummies have a noticeable hemp flavor, which may be noticeable when compared to the more traditionally sweet gummies.

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